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Our story

A Cleaner Planet Starts At Home

It all started from one home

When I learned that wet wipes don't biodegrade in the natural world, I decided to use find a solution. I was shocked to discover that all of the wipes I was discarding, was contaminating our water supply. Polyester, a type of plastic that sheds fibres as it degrades into smaller particles and pollutes our soil, rivers, and oceans, is used in the majority of wet wipes.  Toilet paper breaks down quickly in your septic system. Meaning it won't end up in landfills or in our oceans.

I hope you can join us in our efforts to clean up the environment!

-Brandon Founder/CEO

Our Timeline

Brandon T. 

Founder, CEO

Compared To Others

Stop flushing your money down the toilet!

Looking at the graph below, we are wiping out the competition in all categories. There is no other wet wipe on the market that is eco-friendly, natural, flushable, and offers more bang for your buck than TUSHÉ.

Inside the Tushe

Our team has been working for the past two years to offer you the ultimate TUSHÉ. Our aim was to create a straightforward design that would look good in any bathroom. We are grateful to our fantastic production team for all of their assistance in the process. We have conducted several butt-wiping tests to ensure that our recipe is completely sterile, in addition to avoiding any potentially harmful ingredients.

Clean Your Conscience. With No Compromises