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the indie, female-led toilet paper foam company that's here to clean your butt & the planet!

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  • Everything you need to upgrade your toilet paper and experience pristine cleanliness without a wet wipe!

  • A pH-balanced, hypoallergenic cleansing foam for an instant deep clean while on-the-go and traveling

  • Perfect for freshening up anywhere, a fine mist that provides relief and soothes irritation like a flushable wipe

your pipes deserve better

Don't be fooled by "flushable" wet wipes. These little troublemakers might claim to be flushable, but they can take years to break down. Unlike toilet paper, they love clogging pipes with fats and gunk. It's not just your plumbing they mess with; cities spend big bucks fighting this.

That's where we come in. Tushé is the plumbing hero that everyone needs. Ditch the wipes and switch to Tushe toilet paper foam for a plumber-approved, deep-cleaning wet wipe alternative.




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